Long-term injury situations often lead to both an emotional and a financial commitment for the horse owner. And it gets serious when tough decisions need to be made. An injury with one of my own horses is an example of how complicated these cases can be.​ Read more...

Wedges Play Role in Treating Fetlock, Joint Injuries

Dad was a cowboy who raised me on a farm in the mountains of western Virginia. Working cattle on horseback with him, I made many memories that shape who I am today. One from 1996 or '97 stands out above the rest and helps me stay in the saddle when the trail gets a little rough. Read more...

Wire Cut, Infection Takes Seven Years of Treatment

February 2012 · EQUUS magazine

Writing Portfolio

Articles by Dorothy Stephenson

On a chilly, fall, Montana afternoon amidst massive fog-covered mountains tipped with Ponderosa pines, Rick Fleming leads his newly purchased buckskin Quarter Horse, Boonsmal Bob, aka “Beau,” toward the doors of Kit Arena at McGinnis Meadows Cattle and Guest Ranch in Libby, Montana.  Read more...

I zipped up my coat as far as I could and tightened the scarf around my neck, pulling it close around my nose and mouth. My eyes squinted against the harsh, raw, winter wind that blows so fiercely in the mountains of Virginia. I looked down at the five-gallon bucket hanging from the water spigot, as I did every morning and evening throughout that winter. “Burrr!! Hurry up!!” I said as I willed the water to flow faster. Finally the bucket filled, and I quickly hurried to deliver it to my injured six-year-old buckskin gelding. Meet Fritz.​ Read more...


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September/October 2013 · American Farriers Journal

All About Buck

2013 · Cooperative Living magazine

A Cowgirl Never Gives Up
Still Standing

Amidst the green pastures and expansive sky of an area known as Big Valley in Highland County, Virginia, Landon Vaught, owner of Sunny Stables, and her boyfriend, Jody Colaw, made their morning rounds through a mountain pasture to check on their horses. They soon found Molly, their 16-year-old Quarter Horse, in need. “We knew something was wrong as soon as we saw her,” said Colaw, who approached the three-legged lame horse and found what he thought was a large splinter sticking out of her fetlock. When he reached down to examine the splinter and dislodge it, he discovered the real problem.​ Read more...

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